Magnetic 2-in-1 Handsfree Car Phone Holder – Dashboard & Air Vent Mount for iPhone, Samsung, Android


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  1. Carbon Fiber Elegance: Crafted from premium carbon fiber material, this bracket not only looks stylish but also offers exceptional durability. The fine texture and layers provide a strong three-dimensional sense, creating a sophisticated appearance that perfectly complements your car’s interior. Plus, its bright color adds a touch of class. It’s not just visually appealing; it’s built to last without causing any harm to your device.

  2. 360° Freedom: Enjoy effortless driving with the convenience of 360° rotation. Easily adjust the bracket to your preferred angle for optimal viewing and hassle-free operation. Flip it back and forth to find the perfect 240° angle, giving you a wider vision of your device. The bracket provides unparalleled flexibility, ensuring your phone is always at the right angle.

  3. Nano Suction Power: Say goodbye to unreliable mounts that fall off at the slightest bump. Our nano suction cup technology ensures super-strong adhesion, keeping your phone securely in place. You can trust it to stay put even on rough roads.

  4. Double Reinforcement: For added stability, we’ve equipped this bracket with an enlarged suction cup and a mechanical pressure valve. This design provides superior load-bearing capacity, making it resilient against unexpected bumps and jolts.

  5. Reusable Convenience: Tired of mounts that lose their grip over time? Our bracket offers consistent stickiness without leaving any marks or damaging your car’s interior. The nano-silica sticky suction cup retains its strong suction even after cleaning.

  6. Steadfast Stability: Built on mechanical principles, this bracket ensures a stable center of gravity. It effortlessly handles various road conditions and bumps, so you can drive with confidence and peace of mind.

  7. Secure Clamping Arm: The clip arm of this bracket is designed to absorb shocks and prevent your device from slipping, even on bumpy roads. Silicone protection on the clip arm and back adds an extra layer of shock absorption, safeguarding your device from harm.

  8. Universal Compatibility: Designed for mainstream smartphone models, this bracket offers excellent compatibility. It accommodates 4-7 inch mobile phones, catering to a wide range of devices to meet all your needs.

Upgrade your driving experience with our Carbon Fiber Texture 360° Rotating Phone Bracket – the perfect blend of style, convenience, and reliability. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to safe, hands-free driving.



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